2013 SMUHA Bill
The 2013 Bill was once again produced by the SMUHA Bill Composition Committee. The Bill Head was designed and painted by Campbell Jamieson. The Bill signing was at the Sandwick Social Club the evening before the 2013 SMUHA. The Jarl Dale Smith also took the opportunity to present some of the helpers with gifts thanking them for their help & support.
Jarl Dale Smith signs the 2013 Bill.
The torchboys collected the Bill from the Sandwick Social Club in the early hours of SMUHA day, lit torches & carried the Bill to the Sandwick Bake shop, where it remained on display during the day.
2013 Bill and Bill Head - Click to enlarge.
Presentations to the Jarl's wife Mairi & his mother.
Presentations to Louise & Stuart Jamieson for use of 'Da Bunkhouse' (and their house) where the suits were made.
Presentation to Campbell Jamieson the Bill Head painter.
Presentations to the Jarl from his Squad.
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