2013 SMUHA Galley Building
Construction of the 2013 galley started on Monday 3rd September 2012. Brian Halcrow (2017 Jarl) was the galley foreman this year. This is the first time the galley has been built in the new shed at Cunningsburgh, which was leased for the winter from the Cunningsburgh & District Agricultural Society. Unfortunately Brian was off with a virus during November & into December & Kevin Adamson suffered a detached retina at the end of September which left the galleybuilders team depleted. It is a credit to all that the remaining galleybuilders completed an excellent galley for the 2013 SMUHA.
Cutting & routing out bow, stern and planking.
Routing planking, bow & stern.
Joining planking sections.
Cutting and attaching 'psuedo' clinker plank edging.
Attaching garboard planks to keel - 24 September 2012.
Routing & curving galley shields.
Undercoating galley shields.
Routing gunwhales.
Assembling bands.
Fitting bands to keel.
Preparing fibreglass strips.
Mixing fibreglass resin.
Applying resin to fibreglass strips.
Fibreglassing inner hull.
Attaching final plank - 22 October 2012.
All planks attached & fibreglassing complete - 22 October 2012.
Attaching inner board supports.
Attaching galley floor & bow and stern board supports.
Finishing inner boarding.
Cutting & fitting top gunwhale boards.
Attaching inner & outer gunwhale boards & top gunwhale board supports.
Keel Laying 24 September 2012.
Galleybuilding 12 November 2012.
Assembling galley platform.
Sorting & laying out planking templates for cutting planks.
Marking out bands.
Cutting planking joins.
Joining keel to bow & stern & attaching support frame.
Attaching A-frame support at bow & stern.
Planing a curved edge to the bands, bow & stern.
Cutting, assembling & planing the mast tapered round.
Sanding the mast & curving the base.
Planing & sanding the yard,
Assembling the mast base.
Routing the foot mast.
Sanding the foot mast.
The fake severed foot attached to the foot mast.
The 'pap' for attaching the steering oar.
Marking out, cutting & shaping a new steering oar.
Positioning the steering oar.
This years Raven Banner.
Routing & joining the mast support.
Planing 'pseudo clinker edging on planks.
Attaching planking.
Routing edges off top gunwhale board.
Galley hull complete 10 December 2012.
Routing stems.
Cutting centre frame for Head & tail.
Cutting kingspan for head.
Removing kingspan covering from tail.
Glueing tail kingspan to frame.
Applying glue to head kingspan on frame.
Removing kingspan covering from head.
Fitting removeable tail attachment to stern stem.
Turning galley on its side to fibreglass along keel.
Fibreglassing along keel.
Filling, sanding & trimming prior to painting.
Painting the mast & mast support.
Carving the head & tail & testing how they fit.
Painting commences, early January.
Adding the head & tail base & carving the hinneyspots.
Galley upside down to paint on the scumelled woodgrain effect on the boards.
A new 'sea' was added this year - shaping in the new sea & attaching the galley to the trailer.
Shaping, filling & fibreglassing the head & tail attachments.
Constructing & sewing together the sail.
Varnishing the new steering oar, attaching the mast & mast support & constructing the burning sail.
Attaching the shields.
Attaching the steering oar & bow and stern stem whale tail pattern.
Guizer Jarl Dale Smith attaching the nameplate.
2013 Scalloway Jarl Peter Tait, 2013 Lerwick Jarl Stevie Grant & 2013 SMUHA Jarl Dale Smith at the galley naming night. All three were at school together.
Attaching the sail to the yard & rigging the sail & mast in the galley.
Erik Moncrieff finishing the head.
Painting a new 'sea'.
2013 SMUHA Galleybuilders & Painters. Left to right (on Galley): Scott Lobban, Galley Foreman Brian Halcrow, Lesley Simpson, Robert Halcrow,
Peter Smith, Ross Smith, Robbie Simpson, Alma Stove, Erik Moncrieff, 2013 Jarl Dale Smith,
(front row): David Smith, Kevin Adamson, Brydon Robertson, Ian Jarmson, Leonard Christie, Robbie Burgess, Hughie Adamson.
not in picture: Ritchie Fraser, Euan Robertson, Allan Colvin, Gareth Pottinger, Andrew Farquhar, Kevin Jameson, Stuart Farmer, Ole Røhnebæk, Kevin Osborn.
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