2013 SMUHA Galley - Sunnanhamar
Galley Shields painted by bairns from Sandwick Junior High School - bow to stern (as they appeared on galley), both sides were the same.
The shield second from the left is to commemorate a significant win for Celtic Football Club.
Galley Shield painters (left to right) back row: Jude Donaldson, Sam Osborn, Jamie Leishman, Lewis Tait, Callum Wallace.
front row: Kiya Rafferty, Sarah-marie Riise.
Whale Tail Stem patterning & wood graining board paint.
Galleyboys rigging the galley at Sound School.
A new galley building venue was acquired this year with the Cunningsburgh and Districts Agricultural Show Committee offering the lease of one of their newly-built sheds. After a day of wiring by the SMUHA committee the shed had power and was thus ready for commencement of galley building and torch making. As usual, on the first Monday in September an ever-increasing team of galley builders began construction of the galley overseen by new galley foreman and 2017 Jarl-elect, Brian Halcrow.

The galley was constructed using the same technology as previous years and was essentially unchanged although Leonard Christie introduced a novel approach to some of the spar production this year. There was also one new spar this year - the foremast was beefed up and became a proper tapered spar courtesy of Robbie Burgess. There was also a new steering oar as the original one that had been used for the first three years mysteriously disappeared between the burning and the clear up last year.

The galley boards were a silvery grey woodgrain effect with a green top board and black gunells. After the sad loss of galley painter Bobby Halcrow the task fell to the Jarl, some of his squad, the galley builders, Erik Moncrieff, Alma Stove and Hughie Adamson. All of the galley shields were painted by pupils at the Sandwick Junior High Sschool under the expert eye of ASN Auxiliary, Louise Jamieson. The bow & stern stem patterns reflect the whale’s tail design seen in parts of the Jarl squad suit.

Once again the head, tail, sail and flag were all expertly crafted by the hand of Galley Designer Erik Moncrieff. Both head and tail moved away from the golden hue of previous years and had a silver base layer in keeping with much of the Jarl’s squad suit. The sail design is another new (for SMUHA) idea and was based on a traditional design from numerous old Viking depictions of their ships, particularly the Gotland picture stones. It is a diagonally reinforced chequered sail of green and black squares, with white lines delineating the squares. In the middle is the Jarl squad triquetra in silver on a black disk. The head of the sail consisted of a silver strip with recurring black whale’s tail design. The flag was the traditional Up Helly Aa raven banner with the addition this year of a golden fringe.

This year’s Jarl chose the name
Sunnanhamar for the galley. Dale’s late Dad Billy, a keen sailor, liked to name his boats after a wind and/or starting with the letter S. Sunnan is a Swedish word which fits both, meaning “wind from the south”. Hamar is included in the name as the Jarl’s personal tribute to his second cousin, Bobby Halcrow, galley painter from 2010 to 2012 who sadly passed away at New Year. Bobby lived all his life at Hamarlea, Cunningsburgh.
Nameplate & Raven Banner.
Decorated mast support.
Stern with new steering oar.
Galleyboys rigging the galley at Cunningsburgh School. The removable head (to enable the galley to be extracted from the galley shed) was permanently attached shortly after this visit.
Most of the galleyboys at the Sumburgh Hotel.
The galley outside the Sandwick Youth & Community Centre in the late afternoon with the burning sail attached, ready for the procession.
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