2014 SMUHA - After the Festival
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2014 SMUHA
The Galley
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Guizer Jarl
Jarl's Squad
In the morning after the SMUHA some of the Committee & volunteers went to the burning site to clean up the beach and remove the launching trailer and remains of the galley. The procession route was also walked to ensure no debris remained and a clean-up was undertaken. There was little left of the 2014 galley.
The Jarl's Squad & Committee met at the Sumburgh Hotel for lunch before visiting the Ness Boating Club in the early afternoon where the Jarl's Squad musicians & others provided some excellent music. The Jarl's Squad then went to the Sandwick Social Club later in the afternoon where the Mousa Stompers were playing from around 2:30pm. In the early evening the Bill Head was delivered to the Jarl at the Social Club by some of the Committee & torch boys and the next 4 Guizer Jarl's (each taking a corner), who had carried it from the old Torch Shed near the Sandwick School.
The Bill Head delivery to the Jarl at the Sandwick Social Club.
The Hop Night was as usual at the Cunningsburgh Hall with the Jarl's Squad arriving in the late evening. The Dirty Lemons were playing,