2014 SMUHA Galley - 'Bueskytter'
Galley Shields painted by bairns from Sound School, Peerie Foxes & the Jarl. Starboard side - stern to bow (as they appeared on galley).
Sound School Galley Shield painters.
Early in September 2013 the Galley builders, led by the now experienced Galley Foreman Brian Halcrow, started work on the Galley in one of the Cunningsburgh Show sheds. The design for the galley is unchanged this year and the team of dedicated craftsmen and women have once again built a beautiful longship. The steering oar has been given the "Erik" treatment, with a dragon head carving added. The red top board and golden gunwales compliment the white hull.

The archery theme is prominent on the galley with the bow and stern stem patterns being the points and fletchings of arrows respectively. The sail shows the Jarl's squad shield (six silver arrows emanating from a silver boss on a red disc) in the centre of an off-white sail. The red sail edges are decorated with an extended version of the Celtic knot design used on parts of the Jarl's squad suits. The black head strip is adorned with golden arrows. The traditional Raven Banner is fringed with gold.

Pupils at Sound Primary School, which the Jarl attended when it first opened, designed and painted ten of the Galley shields this year. A further two were done by Peerie Foxes Nursery in Lerwick, which the Jarl's son attends. The remaining four depict the Jarl's squad shields and the Shetland Archery Club's Otter logo.

This year's galley is named
Bueskytter by the Jarl and has been finished in the same style as the Ormrinn Langi (Long Serpent) on which the Jarl's character, Einar Thambarskelfir, sailed and fought. The distinctive golden head and tail have been expertly sculpted by Galley Designer Erik Moncrieff.

Bueskytter, meaning 'Bow Shooter' or 'Archer' in Norwegian, is a fitting name for the galley belonging to the most celebrated bowman in Viking Scandinavia.
Port side - bow to stern (as they appeared on galley).
Bow and stem patterns & embellished steering oar.
Completed Galley in the galley shed.
Galley at Sandwick Junior High School.
Galley & Jarl at Gulberwick beach.
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