2014 SMUHA Galley Building
Construction of the 2014 galley started on Monday 9th September 2013 with Brian Halcrow (2017 Jarl) the galley foreman again this year. The galley was once again built in the new shed at Cunningsburgh, which was once again leased for the winter from the Cunningsburgh & District Agricultural Society. As usual the galleybuilders completed an excellent galley for the 2014 SMUHA.
Joining planking sections, cutting and attaching 'psuedo' clinker plank edging, Joining keel to bow & stern & attaching support frame.
Routing, curving & undercoating galley shields.
Assembling galley platform & cutting planks, bow & stern.
Fitting bands to keel & attaching planks.
Fibreglassing boards, bands & keel.
Attaching inner boards & gunwhales.
Making the dragon head & sanding the mast round.
Fibreglassing along keel.
Preparing head & tail attachments, filling & sanding galley.
Undercoating galley & attaching & sanding hinneyspots.
Fitting mast, new steering oar, galley shields, head & tail, temporarily attaching nameplate & adding stem patterns.
Galley more or less complete - 10th March 2014.
Jarl Keith Lobban attaching nameplate & Keith's son Tom & family on the galley - Galley Naming Night - 8th March 2014.
2014 Galleybuilders and painters. L to R (on galley): Lesley Simpson, Brydon Work, Ritchie Fraser, Jarl Keith Lobban, Galley Foreman Brian Halcrow, Robbie Simpson, Peter Smith. (standing): David Smith, Leonard Christie, Ross Smith, Gary Irvine, Karl Davidson, Kevin Adamson, Robert Halcrow, Robbie Burgess, Alma Stove. not in picture: Euan Robertson, Ian Jarmson, Erik Moncrieff, Hughie Adamson, Scott Lobban, Stuart Farmer, Brydon Robertson, Malcolm Smith, Kevin Osborn.
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