2014 SMUHA Jarl's Squad
The 2014 Jarl's Squad comprised the following 34 members:

Keith Lobban (Jarl)
Tracy Lobban
Karen Lobban
Tom Lobban
David Lobban
Scott Lobban
Charlotte Lobban
Stuart Lobban
David Smith
Janet Smith
John Smith
Sam Smith
Colin Gillie
Martin Krusche
Dylan Murphy
Stan Seymore
Murray Arthur
Zoe Galbraith
Andrew Hutton
Liam Mullay
Colin Alderson
Andy Bell
Sean Bell
Tommy Brankin
Frank Curran
Darren Johnston
Duncan MacKay
Keith Massey
Brian Massie
Daniel Meadows
Ryan Mullay
Mark Robinson
Helen Robinson
Adam Sutherland
The Jarl's Squad musicians were:
Graham Malcolmson, Gary Peterson, Maurice Henderson, Kevin Brown, Reidar Dahle.
The Jarl's Squad Programme of Events:
07:30 Jarl's Squad muster at Gulberwick Hall for breakfast
09:00 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Anderson High School ASN Department
09:35 Jarl's Squad visit Shetland Islands Council Housing Department
10:00 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Sound Primary School
10:40 Jarl's Squad march with Galley from Lower Hillside Road, Gulberwick to Gulberwick Hall (cancelled due to weather)
10:45 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Bill at Gulberwick Hall
11:20 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Sandwick Junior High School
12:00 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Cunningsburgh Primary School
12:45 Jarl's Squad arrive at Sumburgh Hotel for lunch (galley photos taken at Cunningsburgh)
14:25 Jarl's Squad and Galley visit Dunrossness Primary School
15:05 Jarl's Squad visit Overtonlea Care Home
16:10 Jarl's Squad arrive at Levenwick Hall for tea
18:00 Jarl's Squad depart Levenwick Hall for procession at Gulberwick
18:50-19:10 Muster of Guizers for procession at Lower Hillside Road, Gulberwick
19:15 Jarl's Squad march 'Up The Ranks'
19:30 Light Up & Procession to Gulberwick Beach

The Galley accompanied the Jarl Squad throughout the day until the Cunningsburgh School visit when it was taken back to the galley shed due to poor weather. It was positioned at Lower Hillside Road, Gulberwick in the early evening, to be prepared for burning.
After departing the Cunningsburgh School it was decided to take the official 'Galley Photos' in the shelter of the old Cunningsburgh shop & garage as the weather had deteriorated to such an extent that the galley was being damaged by the wind as it was being taken around the schools.
Practicing posing with the Galley - Cunningsburgh Galley Shed in the final week before the 2014 SMUHA.
At Gulberwick Hall with the Bill.
At the Sumburgh Hotel for 'alternative' Galley photos.
Squad photos Casho beach, 23 February 2014.
At the Spiggie Hotel, Hop Day.
Squad photos Casho beach, 23 February 2014.
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