2015 SMUHA Galley - 'Miss Lucy Two'
Galley Shields painted by pupils & staff at Dunrossnes Primary School. Stern to bow (as they appeared on galley). Both sides were the same.
As has become SMUHA tradition, production of this year's beautiful galley began on the first Monday in September. Since then she has had a number of colour changes and additions to her design, many of which are far too risque to mention here and miraculously have disappeared before the big day! The commitment of the galley builders throughout the winter months is a shining example of what SMUHA has come to mean as folk from all parts of the South Mainland, led by Galley Foreman Brian Halcrow, come together to build this seaworthy vessel of beauty.

The sight of the floating burning galley has been spectacular through all the weathers thrown at SMUHA in the last five years and we hope this year will be no different as we return to St. Ninian's Isle tombola for the galley burning this year. The construction of the galley has followed the same design as the last few years with everything becoming easier to do as we get more skilled and experienced at each task The Galley Bible, complete with many photos by Kevin Osborn, is still regularly consulted though and is an excellent record of the process.

This dragon ship truly is just that with the addition of scaled gunwales and stems matching the magnificent head and tail created by galley designer Erik Moncrietf. The Jarl, her husband, bairns and many of the squad are members of Bigton Rowing Club spending their summers rowing up and down the waters around St. Ninan's Isle in the modern version of the Viking longship. the Ness Yoal. The rowine club's insignia, based on a drawing trom the Book of Kells and worked up into the club badge by Helen Mouat, features on the galley sail along with a fretty design used bv early Vikings, whereby strips of cloth were sewn onto the sails in a diagonal pattern to strengthen them as seen on the Lillhjars picture stone.

The shields have been designed and painted by pupils and staff at Dunrossness Primary School. All the bairns designed a shield that would be used either on the school's junior galley or the Jarl's galley and those not featured will go to decorate Bigton Hall and Ness Boating Club for the evening celebrations.

This year's galley is called '
Miss Lucy Two', the name of the Jarl's family's wooden catamaran that she spent so many happy times sailing, with her dad, round the isles and voes of Shetland. Both the Jarl's dad, Donald and her father-in-law, Sammy, died a few years ago and many times during the suit maakin' we have mentioned how they would have loved it and how supportive and proud of the squad they would have been. The galley is named for them. The original 'Miss Lucy Two' came to a terrible end, a bit like Aud's own galley, in the same storm that look the Braer. She broke her moorings in Lerwick and was dashed to matchsticks on the shores of Bressay with only her name plate, which is hung in the Jarl's house, remaining.
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