2015 SMUHA Torch Making
Work on making torches for the 2015 SMUHA started on Wednesday 5th November 2014. Torchmaking & galleybuilding were once again combined into the Cunningsburgh shed this year. Of the torches left over from the 2012 SUMHA - 281 were previously cemented & steeped - and 277 were made by January 2015. A total of 558 torches were available for the 2015 SMUHA.
Running total of torches made.
Torch cementing took place on the 28th February 2015. Around 250 torches were cemented in about 1.5 hours.
As usual torch steeping took place the day before SMUHA (12th March). During the course of the day over 300 torches torches were steeped in parrafin ready for use during the evening procession the following day.
2015 Torch makers. L to R - Seated Kieran Irvine, Gary Irvine, Keith Lobban, Liam Mullay, Jarl Lesley Simpson, Michael Farmer, Murray Arthur, Malcolm Smith, Ryan Mullay. Standing (front row): Brydon Work, Robbie Burgess, Richard Forbes, Darren Adamson, Ally Watson, Lowrie Shearer, Euan Robertson, Ryan Jamieson, Brydon Robertson, Ian Bray, Billy Goudie, Michael Irvine. Standing (back row): Liam Brannan, Michael Anderson, Kenny Harper, Shaun Adamson, Campbell Johnson, Blair Cameron, Stephen Mullay, Kevin Adamson, Ian Manson, Peter Johnston. not in picture: Dale Smith, Kevin Osborn.
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