2015 SMUHA Jarl's Squad
The 2015 Jarl's Squad comprised the following 42 members:

Lesley Simpson (Jarl)
Robbie Simpson
Rebecca Simpson
Jack Simpson
Lucy Simpson
Kathleen Stout
Averil Simpson
Amanda Simpson
Sadie Simpson
Vaila Simpson
Alan Leask
Tracey Regan
Paul Regan
Shay Regan
Finn Regan
Andrea Henderson
Emmy Henderson
Robbie Henderson
Andrew Kemp
Rachael Kemp
Holly Kemp
Stephen Kemp
John Black
Frances Black
Shane Black
Liam Black
David Smith
Janet Smith
John MacKenzie
Glen Tyler
Gina Scanlan
Kelly Mainland
Rod Keay
Susan Keay
Sarah Keay
Rachel Keay
Kirsten Keay
Iain McDiarmid
Jane McDiarmid
Cara McDiarmid
John McDiarmid
Rob McDiarmid
The Jarl's Squad musicians were:
Eunice Henderson, Sophie Moar, Gary Peterson, Graham Malcolmson, Gary Smith, Peter Wood, Peter Keay
The Jarl's Squad Programme of Events:
07:00 Bill Procession from Hayhoull Junction to the Bigton Shop
07:30 Jarl Squad muster at Bigton Hall for breakfast
09:00 Jarl Squad and Galley visit AHS ASN Department
09:40 Jarl Squad and Galley visit Sound Primary School
10:25 Jarl Squad and Galley visit Cunningsburgh Primary School
11:10 Jarl Squad and Galley visit Sandwick School
12:00 Jarl Squad and Galley visit Bill at Bigton Shop
12:35 Jarl Squad and Galley arrive at Sumburgh Hotel for official Galley photos and lunch
14:00 Jarl Squad and Galley visit Dunrossness Primary School Procession and Galley Burning
15:15 Jarl Squad visit Overtonlea Care Home
16:10 Jarl Squad arrive at Levenwick Hall for tea
18:15 Jarl Squad depart Levenwick Hall for procession
18:50-19:10 Muster of Guizers for procession at Hayhoull Junction, Bigton
19:15 Jarl's Squad march 'Up The Ranks'
19:30 Light Up & procession to St. Ninan's Isle Ayre

The galley accompanied the Jarl's Squad throughout the day until 15:20 when it was positioned at the Hayhoull junction to be prepared for burning.
Practicing posing with the Galley - Cunningsburgh Galley Shed in the final week before the 2014 SMUHA.
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