2012 SMUHA Bill
The 2012 Bill was once again produced by the SMUHA Bill Composition Committee. The Bill Head depicting fully rigged ships passing through Mousa Sound was designed and painted by Laurence Simpson. This is the first time a qr code has appeared on an Up Helly Aa Bill - the link poking fun at the Jarl's support for Rangers Football Club. The Bill signing was at the Cunningsburgh Hall the evening before the 2012 SMUHA.
Jarl Kevin Adamson signs the 2012 Bill.
Reading the Bill at the Cunningsburgh Hall.
The torchboys collected the Bill from the Jarl's house in the early hours. Unfortunately it was blowing a gale & lashing with rain so the Bill was transported to North Bridge Stores via the Jarl's van, where it remained during the day.
2012 Bill and Bill Head - Click to enlarge.
Presentations to the Jarl & his wife Alix - including the Jarl's personalised dram.
qr code from the Bill - scan with your phone.
The torchboys lit torches in the rain at North Bridge Stores and marched to the Cunningsburgh Hall for breakfast - just as the rain was at it heaviest. There were some soggy torchboys by the time they got there.
Signing the Bill & speeches at Cunningsburgh Hall - 8th March 2012.
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