2012 SMUHA Galley - Holdfast
This years Jarl chose the name 'Holdfast' for the galIey as it was the nickname of Bjorn Brynjolfson. Construction of the galley began in September by an ever increasing team of galley boys and girl, overseen by new galley foreman and 2010 Jarl David Smith. Thanks must be given once again to the Ness Boating Club for the continued use of their boat shed and facilities to buld the galley. Once again the sail, head and tail have all been expertly crafted by the hand of Erik Moncrieff. This year in true Erik style, great attention has been paid to the smallest of detail and some new additions are included! The sail design is derived from the star theme used throughout the squad suit.

The galley boards were expertly wood grained by Stewart Tomlinson, achieved by being scummel painted using a variably patterned comb to reproduce a natural wood effect and then stained and varnished. Painting duo Bobby Halcrow, under the watchful eye of his young apprentice Alma Stove, have proved once again to make a good team when it comes to galley painting.

As seems to be tradition for South Mainland galleys, the colours chosen for the top board and sail this year reflect the Jarl's support for a football team (Rangers) currently making national headlines for all the wrong reasons! The black gunwhales were originally red but were changed to match the bow & stern stem patterns.
Dragon Head of Holdfast. The blue eyes and blue top board were chosen by the Jarl, reflecting his support for Rangers Football Club.
Galley Shields painted by bairns from Sound School, the South Mainland Schools & the Jarl. Port side - bow to stern (as they appeared on galley).
Galley Shields Starboard side - stern to bow (as they appeared on galley).
Stern with Steering Oar, Nameplate & Stem Patterning.
Sail. The largest of the SMUHA sails to date.
Galleyboys rigging the galley at Sound School.
The Galley at North Bridge Stores, Cunningsburgh.
Galleyboys rigging the galley at the Sumburgh Hotel.
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