2012 SMUHA Galley Building
Work on constructing the 2012 galley started on Monday 5th September 2011 and was complete by the 20th February 2012. David Smith (2010 Jarl) was the galley foreman this year, Stewart Tomlinson expertly painted the wood grain effect on the galley boards with Bobby Halcrow and Alma Stove painting the rest of the galley. Once again the galley builders and Guizer Jarl would like to thank Ness Boating club for the continued use of their boat shed for the building of the galley. Without these facilities we would be a lot worse off
Bow, stern, bands and planking templates.
Cutting & routing out bow, stern and planking.
Routing planking.
Joining planking sections.
Joining planking.
Cutting and attaching 'psuedo' clinker plank edging.
Cutting Keel.
Joining bow and stern to keel and supporting A-frame.
Attaching garboard planks to keel - 26 September 2011.
Marking where planks attach to stern.
Routing & sanding galley shields.
Curving galley shields.
Curving galley shields.
Undercoating galley shields.
Routing gunwales.
Routing Gunwales.
Adjusting Bow.
Routing bands.
Planing yard.
Cutting tapered mast.
Assembling bands.
Fitting bands to keel.
Joining mast sections.
Planing mast round.
Ross Smith working hard.
Leonard Christie's new tongue!
Attaching planking.
Attaching planking.
Preparing fibreglass strips.
Mixing fibreglass resin.
Applying resin to fibreglass strips.
Fibreglassing inner hull.
Attaching final plank - 17 October 2011.
All planks attached.
All planks attached & fibreglassing complete - 17 October 2011.
Attaching inner board supports.
Attaching galley floor & bow and stern board supports.
Attaching first gunwhale boards.
Planing & sanding mast tapered round.
Cutting rounded base to mast.
Completed mast.
Attaching inner boards.
Finishing inner boarding.
Drilling mast base.
Painting mast.
Raven banner.
Routing mast support.
Attaching inner gunwhale planks.
Trimming outer gunwhale boards.
Attaching top gunwhale board supports.
Cutting top gunwhale boards.
Attaching top gunwhale boards.
Attaching top gunwhale boards.
Turning galley on its side to allow fibreglassing along keel.
Fibreglassing along keel.
Fibreglassing along keel.
Attaching mast rope supports.
Sanding & filling.
Curving gunwhale edges.
Trimming stems.
Attaching tail.
Attaching stems.
Hoovering out galley.
Sanding galley prior to painting.
Trimming off a protruding screw.
Filling small gaps before painting.
Creating mast support.
Repairing trailer.
Painting commences 12 December 2011.
First undercoat completed & interior painted 12 December.
Carving hinneyspots from kingspan.
Originally the gunwhale was to be red. It was later decided to change it to black to better match the overall galley colour scheme.
Stewart Tomlinson applying stain & varnish to bring out the wood grain effect of the grey scummeling paint.
Attaching stems decoration, mast & support, and hinneyspot decoration.
Attaching steering oar fixings.
Attaching sail to yard.
Attaching steering oar.
Attaching Raven Banner.
Attaching nameplate.
Completed Galley - 20th February 2012.
2012 Galley Builders & Painters. From left: Brian Halcrow, lan Jarmson, Peter Smith, Scott Lobban (sitting), Allan Colvin, Lesley Simpson, Leonard Christie, Ross Smith, Gareth Pottinger, Kevin Adamson, David Smith, Alma Stove, Bobby Halcrow, Andrew Farquhar, Robbie Burgess, Robbie Simpson, Erik Moncrieff, Stuart Farmer, Robert Halcrow. Not in picture: Kevin Osborn, Brydon Robertson, Stewart Tomlinson.
The bandages are to poke fun at Jarl Kevin Adamson who recently put his back out and was unable to attend galley building or squad practice.
Keel Laying 19 September 2011.
Galleybuilding 19 September 2011.
Fibreglassing galley - 17 October 2011.
Fibreglassing galley - 17 October 2011.
Galleybuilding 7 November 2011.
Galleybuilding 7 November 2011.
Galleybuilding 21 November 2011.
Galleybuilding 28 November 2011.
Galleybuilding 28 November 2011.
Galleybuilding 5 December 2011.
Galleybuilding 5 December 2011.
Galleybuilding 12 December 2011.
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