2012 SMUHA Evening Procession
and Burning of
The 2012 procession was along the Main road south through Cunningsburgh down to Mail beach. The muster area for guizers was along the Cunningsburgh School access road. Of the 504 Guizers, around 400 were carrying torches. From 6:30pm torches were issued to guizers at the Cunningsburgh School with guizers forming up along the school access road. The galley Holdfast was positioned alongside the main road adjacent to the School.

At 7:20pm the Jarl's Squad marched up the ranks, accompanied by the Lerwick Brass Band and the Lerwick Pipe Band. The light-up was at 7:30pm, followed by the procession south along the main road to Mail beach where the galley was burnt floating on the sea just off the Sands of Mail. The main road was closed for the procession apart from emergency vehicles.

A firework display followed the burning with the 25 squads comprising 504 Guizers then dispersing to perform their acts at the Gulberwick Hall, Cunningsburgh Hall, Sandwick Social Club, Bigton Hall and the Ness Boating Club. All the squads performed in all the halls until the early hours. The Bill Head was delivered by torchlight to the Guizer Jarl by the Torchboys and the next 4 Guizer Jarls (each taking a corner of the Bill Head), at the Sandwick Social Club in the early evening of 10th March, followed by the Hop Night at the Cunningsburgh Hall.
Jarl's Squad marching up the ranks.
Galley Holdfast being swung off trailer onto launching trailer ready for burning.
Guizers forming up around galley.
Guizers throwing torches onto Holdfast.
Jarl's Squad mustering at Cunningsburgh School.
Lighting torches for the Jarl's Squad marching up the ranks.
Jarl in the galley ready for light-up.
Procession moves off towards Mail beach.
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