2012 SMUHA Torch Making
Work on making torches for the 2012 SMUHA started on Monday 10th October 2011. Richard Wemyss very kindly allowed further use of the torchmaking shed for the 2012 SMUHA. Of the torches left over from the 2011 SUMHA - 90 were previously cemented & steeped - and 75 were repaired for use in 2012. A total of 664 torches were made by the 8th February 2012.
Previously made torches (square handles)
& newly made torches (rounded handles).
Running total of torches made.
Rounded handles for 2012 torches.
Covering torch heads.
Rolling torch heads.
Torch cementing took place on 25th February. Around 400 torches were cemented in about 2 hours.
Later that evening members of the Jarl's Squad marched to the school by torchlight, followed by an evening of music at the old Sandwick School, courtesey of Richard Wemyss.
Torch steeping took place on the 8th March. During the course of the day over 400 torches torches were steeped in parrafin ready for use during the evening procession the following day.
Torches in the steeping tank. Those with green handles were for the Jarl's Squad marching up the ranks.
Steeped torches draining excess parrafin.
Moving the steeped & drained torches to the container used to distribute torches for the evening procession.
Behind the scenes - preparing food for the torchboys doing the steeping at the Sandwick Social Club.
2012 Torchboys. From left - back row: David Smith (2010 Jarl), Shaun Adamson, Robert Halcrow, Brydon Work, Shaun Leslie, Ryan John Mullay. Front row: Kenny Harper, James Farmer, Michael Amedro, Keith Mikolajczak, Liam Mullay (Torch Foreman), Andy Harper, Jarl Kevin Adamson, 2011 Jarl Brydon Robertson, Darren Adamson, Michael Farmer, Richard Wemyss, 2014 Jarl Keith Lobban, David Malcolmson, 2000 ex. Lerwick Jarl Billy Goudie. Not in photo: Dale Smith, Malcolm Smith, Daniel Smith, Kevin Osborn, Daniel Gray, Darren Johnstone, James Jamieson.
Kevin Adamson is holding a loaf of bread cemented to a torch to 'toast' the Jarl.
Torchmaking - 19 October 2011.
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