After the 2010 SMUHA
As usual after each Up Helly Aa day there are further events and celebrations. The Hop Night was at the Cunningsburgh Hall on Saturday 13th March and was completely sold out.
The Bill Head was delivered to the Jarl by the torchboys at the Sandwick Social Club the evening following the SUMHA.
The remains of the galley were removed from St. Ninian's Ayre and displayed at the Sandwick Social Club.
The charity haircut and beard trim took place in the Sandwick Social Club
Suitably (sort of) trimmed?
Members of the SMUHA Jarl Squad at the Aith Lifeboat Gala 6 June 2010.
Along with the SMUHA, the Lerwick, Northmavine and Delting Jarl Squads were at the event.
David 'half-beard the bold' Smith
Michael Shotton getting a french plait
Keith Lobban suitably shorn
Dale Smith !!!!
Gary Irvine - waiting
Gary Irvine - getting partly shorn
2010 Hamefarin Parade 26th June 2010. Members of the SMUHA marching from the T.A. Hall in Lerwick to the Loch of Clickimin. All 10 of the 2010 Shetland Jarl's Squads were represented, plus the 2010 Lerwick Junior Jarl's Squad, plus
members of the last 10 years Lerwick Jarl's Squads.
Cracking Coconuts at the Aith Lifeboat Gala 6 June 2010
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