2010 SMUHA Guizer Jarl - David Smith
Aleksandur Leifsson of Vinland
This years Jarl's story is fictional.
David portrayed Aleksandur Leifsson of Vinland (born 1002, died unknown), who was the little known younger son of Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson. Leif is renowned as being the first European to set foot in North America five hundred years before Christopher Columbus. Leif had exploring in his blood from his father – Erik the Red – a revered Norse explorer from Western Norway.

In the autumn of 1002 Leif Eriksson arrived in the east of what is now Canada from Greenland in a party including his wife and young son, Thorkell. His wife Thorgunna was carrying their youngest son, Aleksandur who thus became the first European child born in North America – a true new world man.

In the spring of 1012 Leif, his eldest son Thorkell and the young boy Aleksandur set about building a temple at a place they called Aker med Innsje (roughly translates as the park beside the lake), believed to be modern day L’Anse Aux Meadows on the Northern tip of Newfoundland, Canada.

As work progressed Leif returned to Greenland and travelled back to Iceland and on to Norway where he was granted an audience with the King, Olaf Tryggvason.

“I swear by Tor and the snow dog that my sons’ temple of Syrinx will stand for One thousand one hundred years from whence we laid the mighty foundation stones that day in Aker med Innsjo!”
This did not impress the King who in the interim had been converted to Christianity.

“Twenty-one twelve? That must surely be some temple,” said the king.

“Tell me more of this Vinland” demanded King Olaf

“The Trees!”, replied Leif, “The Trees! Pine, fir, maple, oak – greater than any in all Norway!”

“If this place is so great I command you to return to your Father in Brattahlid in Greenland”
cried the King and sent Leif on his way.

As the temple was completed and a great feasting hall prepared so Thorkell and Aleksandur made contact with the indigenous people, learning their ways and customs, catching fish, wrestling bear and learning the best use of the bountiful grapes.
Thorkell later related that through dream line and the roll of the bones he had a distant early warning of his father’s demise and in 1018 returned to Greenland to take on the role of Paramount Chieftain of Greenland. It was with heavy heart that Thorkell left his brother and their merry making cohorts but his premonitions were to come true and Leif Eriksson died in Greenland in 1020.

Aleksandur was in no rush to leave the land of his birth; he took a wife and remained behind in Canada sampling the juice of the grape, making music, perfecting fishing and bear wrestling at Rivendell where his descendants lived undisturbed for the next five hundred years. Keen on learning, Aleksandur took great interest in his fellow man and would travel far and wide in order to broaden his knowledge. He was interested in many different aspects of life and would be keen to try new things often learning from those he met passing on his knowledge to younger members of his community.

As he grew older Aleksandur began to take greater interest in his heritage and spent much of his time travelling in northern Europe where he eventually settled with his family in the small village of Tannlegen.

The Guizer Jarl would like to thank everyone who has helped in any way towards the first ever SMUHA and wishes everyone a safe, successful and happy festival.
The 2010 and first ever South Mainland Up Helly Aa Guizer Jarl was David Smith from Maywick, Bigton.
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