2010 SMUHA Jarl's Squad
The 2010 Jarl's Squad comprised the following 23 members:

David Smith (Jarl)
Janet Smith
Robert Smith
John Smith
Sam Smith
Dale Smith
Mairi Smith
Ross Smith
Shona Sandison
Sean Smith
Michael Shotton
Shavonne Smith

The Jarl's Squad Musicians were:
Iain McAlpine, Mark Laurenson, John Jamieson,
Chapman Chang, Ewen Thomson.
The Jarl's Squad Programme of events:
08:00 Breakfast at Bigton Hall
09:15 ASN Departmant, Anderson High School, Lerwick
09:45 Sound Primary School, Lerwick
10:30 Cunningsburgh Primary School
11:15 Sandwick Junior High School
12:00 Galley, Bill & Jarl's Squad photos at Bigton Stores
12:45 Lunch & official Galley Photos at the Sumburgh Hotel
14:00 Dunrossness Primary School
15:00 Overtonlea Care Centre
17:00 Jarl's Squad arrive for Tea at Levenwick Hall
19:20 March up the Ranks at Bigton
19:30 Light-up & Procession to St. Ninian's Isle Burning Site

The Galley accompanied the Jarl's Squad throughout the day until 15:20, when it departed for Bigton to be prepared for burning.
Jarl's Squad at Maywick beach.
Jarl's Squad at Bigton.
Gary Irvine
Shona Sandison
Sam Smith
John Roy Nicolson
Jarl's Squad at Bigton
John Roy Nicolson and Gary Irvine
Jarl's Squad and Galley at the Sumburgh Hotel.
Callum Smith
Keith Lobban
Tracy Lobban
Karen Lobban
Tony Adair
Gordon Stove
John Roy Nicolson
Gary Wylie
Gary Irvine
Derrick Bradley
Andy Hunter
Robert Smith
Guizer Jarl
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