2010 SMUHA Evening Procession
and Burning of
The 2010 procession was through Bigton where a temporary one-way traffic system was in operation from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. The 22 squads numbering 374 Guizers mustered at the Ireland junction where 328 Guizers were given torches for the procession. At 7:20pm the Jarl's Squad marched up the ranks and at 7:30pm a maroon signalled the start of the lighting up and the procession south through Bigton down to the St. Ninian's Isle Ayre burning site. The Guizers sang the Up Helly Aa song during the procession.

Skiðblaðnir was floated onto moorings just offshore at St. Ninan's Isle Ayre and a trumpet sounded the throwing of torches onto the Galley. Skiðblaðnir, with illuminated night eyes, set sail on her maiden and final voyage. Immediately following the burning the Islesburgh Fireworks Crew set off a firework display from across the St. Ninians tombolo.
Guizer Jarl David Smith aboard Skiðblaðnir through Bigton.
Guizers on St. Ninian's Isle beach
Guizers moving towards Skiðblaðnir
Skiðblaðnir being prepared for burning
Guizers throwing torches on Skiðblaðnir
Burning Skiðblaðnir being floated off St. Ninian's Ayre
Skiðblaðnir well aflame
Skiðblaðnir burning
Guizer Jarl and burning Skiðblaðnir
Guizers receiving torches.
Procession moves off through Bigton to St. Ninian's Isle Beach.
Guizer Jarl
Jarl's Squad
The Galley
The Bill
The Burning
The Squads
Galley Building
Torch Making
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