2011 SMUHA - After the Festival
In the morning after the SMUHA some of the Committee went to the burning site to clean up the beach and remove the launching trailer, anchor and remains of the galley. The procession route was also walked to ensure no debris remained and a clean-up around the Sumburgh Farm was undertaken. Unlike 2010 there was very little left of the 2011 galley - only the stems and keel with the lower boards.
Ross Smith stands in the galley remains.
All that was left of the galley - apart from the head that was rescued.
Galley keel & lower boards.
Jim o da farm removing the galley remains from the sand.
Launching trailer removed from the sea.
Lifting the anchor used to pull the galley out to sea.
Dragging the launching trailer ashore.
In the afternoon following the SMUHA the Sandwick Social Club hosted a Jazz session with the Mousa Stompers playing from around 2:30pm. The Jarl's Squad arrived in the late afternoon and in the early evening the Bill Head was delivered to the Jarl by the torch boys who had carried it from the Torch Shed near the Sandwick School.
Unburnt torches and torch heads.
Anchor removed from Grutness Voe.
Trailers removed from beach.
The charity Jarl's Squad haircut and beard trim was during the evening of Saturday 26th March at the SMUHA Helper's Night, hosted by the Ness Boating Club. The Jarl's Squad chosen charities were Help for Heroes and Mind Your Head. Bidding on the hair and beard cuts raised over £2000 for the charities.
Before the cutting starts.
2012 Jarl Kevin Adamson had the winning bid & made the first cut.
Thats illogical for a Vulcan.
Members of the Jarl's Squad attending the Aith Gala on 29th May 2011.
Members of the Jarl's Squad attending the Sandwick Fun Day on 6th August 2011.
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