2011 SMUHA Galley - Kverndal
The name Kverndal means Mill Dale in Old Norse and was chosen by the Jarl due to the significance of the area for a large number of the Jarl's Squad. The sail was made by the galley designer Erik Moncrieff and features the Quendale Beast, which is an interpretation of a piece believed to be a Norse era horse harness or bridle. The design was also on the squad shield, brooches and belt buckles.

The galley colours are red and white alternating boards which reflect the Jarl's support of Aberdeen Football Club. The sail is royal blue which reflects the colours of Quendale Football Club, with a metallic bronze colour for the Beast.
Dragon Head of Kverndal. The tape wound round the neck was required as the neck kingspan cracked in transit. Fortunately no further reapirs were required to the dragon head.
Galley tail - port side
Galley tail - starboard side. Unfortunately a piece of the tail was chipped off as the galley was being towed to Sound School. The mast support collapsed, causing the mast to fall on the tail.
Repairs were quickly organised however. Note the pin in the tail tip that was used to mark out the new scales - the pin remained there all day & was burnt with the galley in the evening.
Galley Bow.
Heading Sooth.
Galley Stern.
Galley Shields painted by bairns from Sound School, the South Mainland Schools & the Jarl. Starboard side - stern to bow (as they appeared on galley).
Galley Shields Port side - bow to stern (as they appeared on galley).
Stern, nameplate & steering oar.
Sail & Raven Banner.
Bow, with Jarlshof in background.
Steering Oar.
Raven Banner.
Guizer Jarl
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The Galley
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Galley Building
Torch Making
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