2011 SMUHA Galley Building
Work on constructing the 2011 galley started on Monday 6th September 2010 and was completed on Thursday 10th March 2011. Bow, stern and planking templates to facilitate this years galley construction were computer designed by Erik Moncrieff and CNC routed by Andrew Tait at Cam-Craft on Burra. These templates will facilitate SMUHA galley construction in future years.

An old painting partnership has been rekindled this year with last year's painting foreman Bobby Halcrow teaming up with wayward apprentice John Hunter who he first took under his wing as a young student in 1967.

While the galley retained many of last years manufacturing processes it is constantly being improved, and it is hoped that she is as pleasing on the eye as last years model.

The 2011 galley construction was enjoyable and the galley builders and Guizer Jarl would like to thank Ness Boating club for the continued use of their boat shed for the building of the galley. Without these facilities we would be a lot worse off
'Flat-pack' galley templates: The routed planking templates not yet removed from sheets. Bow and stern templates.
Template planking boards and how they fit together.
Numbering and removing the template boards.
Roughing out the bow.
Routing planking from templates.
Joining planking.
Joining routed Bow sections.
Attaching curved 'clinker board' edgings to planking.
Completed planking with 'clinker' edging held in place with clamps while glue dries.
Bow and stern attached to keel.
Attaching garboard planks to keel.
Turning keel over on its base & attaching an 'A' frame to galley to facilitate construction.
Band templates.
Routing bands.
Attaching bands.
Attaching planking.
Sewing planking together with monofilament.
Preparing fibre glass and sealing outer hull.
Planks sewn together ready for fibreglassing.
Routing and curving the Galley Shields.
Trimming planks.
Attaching planking.
Drilling holes for monofilament sewing.
Fine trimming planks.
Attaching & Sewing final planks on 1 November 2010.
Adjusting planking.
Attaching Gunwale.
Attaching inner board supports.
Attaching inner boards.
Trimming excess planking.
Turning galley on its side to allow fibreglassing along keel joint - 6 December 2010.
Completing internal boarding.
Gluing planks for mast.
Sanding Mast to make it tapered round.
Routing the stern.
Preparing for painting
Attaching inner hull.
Routing curved gunwhale top.
Cutting inner frame for head and tail.
Attaching gunwhale top.
Filling & sanding prior to painting.
Adjusting head & tail frames to attach to galley correctly.
Creating Galley Head from carved kingspan.
Creating Galley Tail from carved kingspan.
Painting begins - 7th February.
Trailer & Launching Trailer.
Repairing 'Sea' canvas on galley trailer.
Laying out stems pattern.
Routing out stems pattern.
Applying red stripes.
Attaching completed stems.
Completing stripes.
Attaching mast to base.
Attaching mast & support in galley.
Attaching mast rigging.
Attaching sail.
'Quendale Beast' sail design.
Adjusting mast ropes.
Steering oar attached.
Attaching nameplate.
Attaching kinspan to make waves on 'sea' canvas.
Finishing touches to paintwork.
Completed Galley - 10 March.
2011 Galley Builders and Painters
Left to right - back row: Scott Lobban, Robert Halcrow, Brydon Robertson, Kevin Adamson, Brian Halcrow, Alma Stove, Robbie Burgess.
Front row: Erik Moncrieff, Kevin Osborn, Leonard Christie, Ian Jarmson, David Smith, Ross Smith, Stuart Farmer, Bobby Halcrow.
not in picture - Colin Halcrow, John Hunter, Francis Smith.
Routing boards.
2011 SMUHA Galley Building - 20 September 2010
2011 SMUHA Galley Building 27 September 2010 #1
2011 SMUHA Galley Building 27 September 2010 #2
2011 SMUHA Galley Building 5 October 2010 - Keel Laying.
2011 SMUHA Galleybuilding 25 October 2010 - Brydon Robertson trimming planking on Galley.
2011 SMUHA Galley Building 6 December 2010 in the Ness Boating Club Shed - Final Fibre Glassing & Mast making.
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