2011 SMUHA Jarl's Squad
The 2011 Jarl's Squad comprised the following 43 members:

Brydon Robertson (Jarl)
Catherine Robertson
Carys Robertson
William White
Leigh Smith
Irvine Burgess
Stephen Flaws
Craig Redfern
Archie Redfern
Brendon Smith
Kayla Smith
Darron Smith
Ava Smith
Grant Redfern
Steven Smith
Tomas Smith
Francis Smith
John Robert Burgess
Tommy Robertson
Addie Doull
Aidan Bennett
Ross Bray
John Hunter
Marcus Leslie
Willie Coghill
Danny Peterson
Liam Thomson
Duncan Flaws
Glyn Robertson
Jamie Robertson
Brian Abbott
Lindsay Angus
Lee Taylor
Martin Henderson
Craig Leslie
Kevin Jamieson
Matthew Nicolson
Kevin Manson
Ryan Couper
Steven Birrell
Kyle Malcolmson
Paul Lawrence
Gordon Reed
The Jarl's Squad musicians were:
Gary Peterson, Lewie Peterson, Erik Peterson, Stewart Grains, Don Robertson, Jimmy Burgess, Adam Johnson.
The Jarl's Squad Programme of Events:
07:45 Muster at Boddam Hall for breakfast
09:30 Visit Sound Primary School, Lerwick
10:15 Visit Cunningsburgh Primary School
11:00 Visit Dunrossness Primary School
12:00 Visit Bill at Mainlands Shop
12:40 Arrive Sumburgh Hotel for photos with Galley & lunch
14:15 Visit Sandwick Junior High School
15:00 Overtonlea Care Centre
16:00 Arrive at Levenwick Hall for tea
18:45 Muster for Procession at Sumburgh Farm / Lighthouse road
19:20 March up the ranks with the Lerwick Brass Band
19:30 Light-up & Procession to Grutness Beach Burning Site

The Galley accompaied the Jarl's Squad throughout the day until 15:00, when it departed for the procession site to be prepared for burning.
At the Sumburgh Hotel for official 'Galley Photos'
At the Sumburgh Hotel for official 'Galley Photos'
Practicing posing with the Galley - Ness Boating Club Galley Shed in the final week before 2011 SMUHA.
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