2011 SMUHA Evening Procession
and Burning of
The 2011 procession was along the Sumburgh Lighthouse road down towards Grutness beach. The muster area for guizers was along the road to the Lighthouse at the second of the roadside quarries, just above the Sumburgh Farm. Of the 442 Guizers, 383 were carrying torches. From 6:30pm torches were issued to guizers at the Sumburgh Farm with guizers walking up the farm track to the road, where the galley Kverndal was also positioned.

At 7:20pm the Jarl's Squad marched up the ranks, accompanied by the Lerwick Brass Band. Just before the Jarl's Squad joined the procession a heavy snow shower from the north-west started. The snow continued throughout the light-up at 7:30pm, the entire procession down the Lighthouse road towards Grutness beach (in many ways adding to the spectacle as the snow significantly enhanced the torchlight), and also while the galley was prepared for burning on the sea off the south end of Grutness beach.

As the guizers formed up around
Kverndal to throw their torches the snow eased and by the time Kverndal had been launched aflame out onto Grutness Voe the snow had stopped. There were several very snowy looking guizers by this time and it is a credit to all involved that the procession and burning proceeded without any problems, despite the very difficult weather conditions. The 'interesting' weather conditions are depicted in the muster, procession and burning photos below.
Marshalls mustering at Sumburgh Farm.
Preparing to hand out torches.
Handing out torches to Guizers at Sumburgh Farm.
Guizers forming up along the Lighthouse road.
Preparing the Galley Kverndal - changing from day eyes to illuminated night eyes. It was at this point that the snow started.
Guizers turning their backs to the snow and sheltering behind the wall.
Snowy Marshalls leading the Jarl's Squad up the ranks.
Guizer Jarl marching up the ranks.
Its snowing !
Galley Kverndal being swung off trailer onto launching trailer ready for burning.
Guizers entering beach.
A snowy Brass Band.
Guizers forming up around galley.
Guizers throwing torches onto Kverndal.
Launching Kverndal.
Torches being thrown onto Kverndal.
Guizer Jarl
Jarl's Squad
The Galley
The Bill
During the Day
The Burning
The Squads
Galley Building
Torch Making
2011 SMUHA
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